Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Providing legal aid funding to support the due process rights of the LGBTQ community

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Over the past decade it has become abundantly clear that the Right to Due Process under the law has been blurred, and unfortunately, Due Process Rights have become increasingly difficult to enforce in today's society. The erosion of Americans' Due Process Rights has been a steady trend for years. Law enforcement, media outlets, and social media continue to cause life-altering, life-ruining, and financial destruction for many LBGTQ Americans, and the LGBTQ community continues to carry a disproportionate burden of these violations. Homophobia in the workplace is a problem that affects LGBTQ professionals at greater rates than their heterosexual counterparts. Rumors and hearsay are often presented (and accepted) as facts, making it difficult for these individuals to receive fairness in professional and legal settings when accusations of wrongdoing are presented.

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